Harlan, a sharp-witted orphan, blackmails his way into a prestigious private boarding school following an altercation with the principal’s son at a school event.  When Danielle, a overly ambitious history teacher, discovers that Harlan doesn’t have the evidence to prove his case, Harlan finds himself a pawn in a years-long emotional war reignited by and couched in the fight over standardized 'for profit tests' between the embittered principal implementing the policy and the Machiavellian Danielle, who seeks to replace the principal as head of the school by any means necessary.

The story examines the state of the education system, outdated teaching methods, and the challenging conditions both teachers and students endure. 

In order to tell this story in the most innovative manner possible, we have devised a way to use the latest in action cameras (GoPro Hero4s) with wireless technology and lavalier microphones. By hiding the cameras in each respective location prior to shooting, we will create an unaffected environment for actors, one free of crew members, lights, camera equipment, and boom microphones. It will also allow for full sequences to be shot without cutting, which will empower the actors to deliver their most honest and natural performances.