The Reign's Kickstarter is fully funded.

Dear friends, family, followers, and supporters, 

Ahem. We'll be brief: 

We did it! 

We reached our Kickstarter goal of $21,000! In fact, we surpassed it by $29 (as it stands right at time of writing). So our week (and yours!) is now off to an excellent start. And we have you to thank, dear reader. 

There’s no way we could have achieved this without your help and support. These campaigns are only as successful as our collective network will allow, so we truly have you to thank for our accomplishment today. This film not only belongs to us, but to all of our supporters. 

Let’s make film history together. 

Thanks again! 

Will & Al on behalf of the team

Posted on April 25, 2016 .

The Reign official press release.

50K Films’ The Reign Will Shoot Revolutionary Project on GoPro Hero4 Cameras 

Will Goldstein and Alberto Marenco’s production company subsidiary is gearing up to shoot 

thriller that touches on education reform and police brutality entirely with GoPro Hero4 Cameras 

April 6, 2016 – It all started at the University of Southern California’s (USC’s) School of 

Cinematic Arts. When Will Goldstein and Alberto Marenco (known to his friends as Al) found 

themselves in Todd Robinson’s 507 Intro to Production class, they realized they had similar 

interests and approaches. They were both children of teachers/civil servants, both were 

concerned about the state education and social justice in their respective countries (Al is from 

Colombia, Will is from Arizona). Both filmmakers wanted to shoot artistically and quickly, making 

projects as inexpensively as possible. Thus, a fast friendship and enduring collaboration was 

born. While still at USC, they launched Taken Films in order to make their first feature film, 

Piloto, shot on location in Al’s home city of Cartagena, Colombia in lieu of making a traditional 

thesis short film. Despite lacking name American talent, the project was recently picked up by a 


Always inspired to make projects innovatively and inexpensively with a focus on actors’ 

performance, Goldstein and Marenco’s established subsidiary company 50K Films to launch 

their next project, entitled The Reign. The film is about an unorthodox sociology teacher who is 

fired unjustly and manipulates his students into staging a protest in his defense. The project will 

be shot entirely on GoPro Hero4 cameras which will be hidden in the set. This will enable the 

film to be shot in a shorter period of time, and will allow Goldstein and Marenco to draw 

excellent performances from actors who won’t be encumbered by an oversized camera, lights, 

boom microphones, or large crew. The feature will also be the first to be edited on the 

TouchEdit app for the iPad.

While writing the script, Marenco and Goldstein channeled their frustration with the state of 

secondary education and concern over issues including the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Goldstein was also inspired by his mom and sister. “There had to be strong women in this film. 

That was imperative,” says Goldstein. Goldstein and Marenco like to describe the film as “Dead 

Poet’s Society meets Nightcrawler."


The idea for the innovative way in which to shoot The Reign came as Marenco was standing in 

a Radio Shack looking at a GoPro display. He called Goldstein and said, “What if we hid these 

cameras in the sets and shot the movie that way?” Goldstein liked the idea. Goldstein and 

Marenco have fully embraced new technology as a solution to the challenges of low budget, 

indie filmmaking. In addition to being shot entirely on GoPro’s, the film will be the first to be 

edited on TouchEdit app for the iPad created by Dan Lebental (Iron Man, Elf). The filmmakers’ 

Kickstarter campaign launched late last month. Funds from the campaign will be leveraged to 

gain additional support from private investors and corporate sponsorship. 


Says Goldstein, “We’re interested in technology and film, so we are excited to repurpose 

GoPros. Action sports are great but there’s a lot more you can do with these cameras.”




Will Goldstein

(480) 227-8140


About Will Goldstein:


William Goldstein is a Los Angeles based writer, director and producer who hails from the 

tranquil, suburbia of Scottsdale, Arizona. He completed his BFA in Film Production at the 

University of Arizona. He has produced and directed anthropological documentaries dealing 

with race, ethnicity and the American Dream. His films have played at over 20 film festivals 





Rebecca Louisell, Producer

(213) 446-7271


Rebecca Louisell is a producer, director and writer working in independent narrative, 

documentary and new media. She holds an MFA in Film Production from the University of 

Southern California and a BA in Art from Carleton College.

Posted on April 7, 2016 .